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Direct-Hit by Identifix: Experience-Based Repair Data

Direct-Hit by Identifix is the automotive service, maintenance and repair industry’s largest and most reliable online and on demand database of continually updated, experience-based information for what breaks on vehicles and how to fix it.

Direct-Hit delivers all data, tools and information necessary to help automotive repair professionals run their shops as efficiently, accurately and profitably as possible, by allowing them to save shop time–every day and on every car. Using Direct-Hit means more cars, less time and increased performance of both the shop technicians and the shop as a whole. Key features of the Direct-Hit system include:

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Video Overviews

Direct-Hit Overview: Identifix

Hear from former auto repair technicians who now work for Identifix discuss the benefits of Direct-Hit. Learn how to use Direct-Hit in your shop to save technician time, increase productivity, and drive revenue by fixing more cars in less time. Also get an overview of how Identifix’s 45+ on-staff Master Technicians continually improve the product.

Customer Testimonial: Safety Brake Service

Hear how Direct-Hit by Identifix helped Safety Brake Service in Dallas, Texas expand their service offering beyond brakes. Using Direct-Hit, Safety Brake has gained the ability to service all makes including Asian and European, increase shop revenue using diagnostic and repair information, and drive return visits by recommending scheduled maintenance.